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the attention just encourages her

the original h0rcrux.
13 July
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Name: Angie
Age: 16
Fandoms:HP, Serenity/Firefly, Buffy/Angel, Veronica Mars
Likes: (fandom or otherwise) PEANUT BUTTER, Spike, SPUFFY LOVIN', fics, TWOP, Logan Echolls, Cordelia/Doyle, Angel/ALONE. Oh gosh, Angelus/Faith rocks. Blue October, weird music no one else seems to know, living in a weird little town, Photoshop, Lirael, redheaded twins
Dislikes: (fandom or otherwise)all vegetables.. raw/plain. Tangled yarn. Sucky customers. Bad fanfic. Snobs. Drama.
A little about yourself: 16 y/o girl, works at a craft store. Is only recently getting amazing grades after being diagnosed/treated for a LD
What's In Your Journal? Random happenings, sucky icons, weird little HP drawings and scribbles scanned in from Physics class.
Say the first thing that comes to your mind. DONUTS
Anything else? I have a polar bear staring at me.. in my room. GAH.

Slytherin means never having to say you're sorry

don't call the doctors
cause they've seen it all before
they'll say just
she'll learn
the attention just encourages her

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abarat, abhorsen, adobe photoshop, angelus, anti-buffy/angel, apple, barnes and noble, being a fandom!whore, beyond good and evil, binge eating disorder, boys in eyeliner, buffy the vampire slayer, buzzcocks, carnivale, chocolate, concerts, crybaby, daria, dark angel, dead like me, dresdon dolls, drive-ins, duncan/veronica, edward gorey, elisa toffoli, emo boys, fairy tales, fanfiction, firefly, flying in my dreams, frappuccinos, frou frou, gay rights, geek love, geekiness, ghost of the robot, ghostworld, glbtqqi, glsen, graphics, gym class heroes, happy noodle boy, harold & kumar, harry potter, hating james blunt, having fairy wings, hecate, hoodies, hot scottish men, icons, incubus, indie rock, is it tuesday yet?, itunes, james marsters, jem, johnny depp, jon stewart, joss whedon, kristen bell, lilly kane, lip rings, logan echolls, lord of the rings, love actually, magazines, men, mohawks, money, motion of crotches, my chemical romance, neptune high, new york city, noodles, once more with feeling, peanut butter cups, philosophy, photography, photoshop, porthos, psychology, psychonauts, punk, random acts of manipulation, reading, red vs blue, reefer madness, resenting the oc, revolutionaries in love, rob thomas, rupert grint, sarah dessen, satay, serenity, seth green, sleeping, snape, snarky comments, songs, songstowearpantsto, songstowearpantsto.com, spike, spuffy, squee!, stars, strangers who aren't, stressing incorrect syllables, strong bad, strong bad emails, sublime, sugarcult, tabula rasa, talking, tattoos, tegan and sara, thai food, the daily show, the dandy warhols, the shins, this lullaby, trusting snape, twop, vampires, veronica mars, video games, vm meta, weevil navarro, william the bloody